Internet has reached most corners of the country, making everything accessible to everyone. The problem is of plenty for the e-commerce industry as there are new portals emerging every day. While the B2B sector still remains relatively unexplored, it continues to be unorganised. This makes the life of anybody in the business extremely difficult.

Mr. Milind Raut is an online entrepreneur whose business involves a lot of research. He is a retailer who engages in detailed analysis before buying from a supplier or putting up the products to sell.

Getting information about any product online is easy nowadays, thanks to the plethora of informational websites available. But getting suppliers for the said product can be a tough task, especially since there are thousands to choose from. And Mr. Raut only wants the best offer.

“Narrowing down the list of suppliers based on location and price, contacting each one till you get the one that best fits your requirement takes a lot of time and effort”, says Mr. Raut. Time is of essence when it comes to selling on sites like Amazon, eBay, etc., where one can lose a lot of money if the products are not listed on time. Sourcing the products such as laboratory chemicals from a remote location can be tricky when online transactions are involved. “Bulk orders from wholesalers is always a scary game, with money and quality of the products at stake”, informed Mr. Raut.

Bizongo’s algorithm simplified the daunting task of sourcing the product he was looking for from a trusted manufacturer. “The entire process of ordering a sample, getting it delivered at the right address at the right time was made extremely easy by Bizongo”, exclaimed Mr. Raut, impressed by the user experience on the website. “There are so many products listed and a huge variety of categories to choose from! I am definitely coming back to order more”, he said. Packaging boxes category seems to be the hot category and entrepreneurs like Milind are benefitting a lot from our site.

It is always encouraging to see our customers give us the thumbs up after using our website. While we continue to improve what we have to offer in terms of navigability, details and experience, we are also stacking up more products and expanding the number of manufacturers and suppliers on board. With more products and more ease, Bizongo is making rapid progress in giving the customer the best possible time purchasing their products through us.